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Die Gasturbinenmotor dominiert mit seiner sehr hohen Leistung, Gewicht und Leistung-zu-Raum Verhältnisse die Welt der Flugzeugantrieb. kontinuierliche technologische Entwicklung mündete in Kraftwerken mit Zuverlässigkeit, Kraftstoffverbrauch, geringes Rauschen und geringe Schadstoffbelastung. aus ähnlichen Gründen sind Gasturbinen in den Sektoren Energie, Öl, Gas und Prozess zunehmende Anwendung finden. weltweit Gas Turbine-Industrie stellt derzeit ca. £ 30 Milliarden pro Jahr. Beschlußfassungsfähigkeiten basierend auf detaillierte technische Kenntnisse sind daher in einer Branche mit einem hohen Kostenbasis entscheidend.
die Wärmeleistung MSc bietet den Teilnehmern ein sorgfältig strukturiertes Programm, das eine ausgewogene Mischung aus theoretischer und praktischer Kurskomponenten enthält.
Wir bieten vier Optionen:
• Luft-und Antriebstechnik
• Turbinentechnologie
• Stromversorgung, Antrieb und die Umwelt
• rotierende Maschinen, Engineering und Management.
alle teilen die gleiche Struktur und viel gemeinsame Kursmaterial. die Programme umfassen eine Reihe von Vorträgen und eine umfangreiche Forschung, Design oder Anwendungen Industrieprojekt. die abschließende Beurteilung der MSc ist zwischen den untersuchten Vorlesungen und der Projektarbeiten gleich stark gewichtet.
1. oder 2. Klasse UK ehrt Grad (oder gleichwertig) in Engineering, Mathematik oder eine angewandte Wissenschaft. Bewerber, die die Standardeintrag Anforderungen nicht erfüllen, können beantragen, die Pre-Master Programm, erfolgreiche, die Fertigstellung wird sie zur Teilnahme an diesem Kurs für ein zweites Jahr der Studie qualifizieren.
einer Vielzahl von Quellen einschließlich der industriellen Sponsoring. Bitte kontaktieren Sie uns für Details.

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(Student Profile)

Jenny Cham

“Cranfield was a really good choice; I went to Vienna for my project due to Cranfield’s partnerships with other European University’s. I also got the opportunity to attend conferences across Europe, write reviews and contribute to my very first peer-reviewed scientific paper - which was well received!
The staff were very supportive, in particular a lady from the Careers Service gave up her time to help prepare me for job interviews, which I found really helpful.
Overall it’s a great environment in terms of access to other really intelligent interesting people. I think that’s a really nice part of being a student at Cranfield.”

(Student Profile)

Lauren Carter

"I believe my MSc was invaluable in preparing me for my current role – covering a broad range of subjects has been extremely useful when liaising with different departments.
I got my job through the links Cranfield had with the company I’m currently working for, who were really impressed by the range of subjects covered as well as the detail and professionalism of my project.”

(Student Profile)

Nsisong Ukut

After researching online and looking at the Cranfield University website, I thought this was the right choice for me. It is the only stand-alone postgraduate university in the UK that specialises in aerospace and engineering and has a great heritage. I had also observed my colleagues in Nigeria who had studied at Cranfield and watched the meteoric rise in their careers. I saw the functions they could handle and how they had launched into global careers.
I found my studies at Cranfield very rewarding – the lecturers give you comprehensive support to help you fully wrap your mind around your subject. Project supervisors are quite amazing too – they connect you into a group project and then with an industrial partner so that you can transform your theoretical knowledge into practical solutions to find the best outcome. This really prepares you for your future career.
Cranfield is a place where you can do a lot! I got involved with the Cranfield Students Association (CSA) in the role of School Representative. This gave me an opportunity to see across the entire school and to see how teaching and non-teaching staff impact the student experience. The support the CSA offers is tremendous – everything to make a good social life and to balance out your academic work. There is an ultra-modern sports centre to keep you fit whilst studying and plenty of clubs and societies that you can get involved in.
Cranfield is the right place to meet the right people in the right environment with the right contacts. The atmosphere is mature and professional and an ideal base to launch your global career.
My advice to anyone who chooses Cranfield is to make use of all the opportunities it offers – embrace it all and make the most of it.
You don’t just get a certificate when you graduate at Cranfield, you get a rewarding experience that will improve the quality of your life.


Cranfield Postgraduate Loan Scheme (CPLS) - 20+ Awards

Cranfield University is now able to offer you a more affordable way to study an MSc with loans managed by Prodigy Finance.

With a Cranfield Postgraduate Loan it is possible for you to take up your MSc studies with no repayments while you study. This will leave you free to concentrate on your course and enhance your career prospects.

Launched in February 2014, the scheme is designed to support UK and EU students entering postgraduate study and is intended to attract those who may not otherwise progress to this level because of financial constraints.

Loans of up to £15,000 are available (dependent on the tuition fees for your chosen course).
If you are a UK student, loans are available for tuition fees and maintenance. EU students can apply for a loan covering only tuition fees.

Loans are repaid over a seven year period and repayments start six months after you complete your degree. As a not-for-profit scheme, funded by Cranfield and HEFCE, the loans are competitively priced (6.92% APR representative) and considerably more affordable than a standard career development loan.

Value of Scholarship(s)

Loans of up to £15,000 total


You can apply for a loan if you:

• are domiciled in the UK or EU and qualify for ‘Home/EU’ fees and
• have an admissions offer to a Cranfield full-time, taught MSc course in a STEM (Science, Technology Engineering or Mathematics) subject

Application Procedure

If you already have an applicable course offer you can apply online through Prodigy Finance. You will need to provide Prodigy Finance with details of your offer from Cranfield. Your loan application will be considered and responded to within a few days.

If you are yet to secure an offer of a place you can register your interest in the scheme and we will keep you up-to-date.

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1. oder 2. Klasse UK ehrt Grad (oder gleichwertig) in Engineering, Mathematik oder eine angewandte Wissenschaft.


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